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You can blossom from within and create an abundant life

Open up for new opportunities, create a positive ripple effect and celebrate the results

I help women to create a life of abundance
Women like you!


I’m Ana, a multi-passionate entrepreneur, a dreamer, a massive possibilitarian and action taker, an enduring, self-confessed and incurable optimist.

My mission is to help you to reach your full potential and transform your life professionally and personally, by creating your unique and personalised plan for life.

By living what was once a dream you are showing to the world, your family, friends, and most importantly your children, that by taking action, they can also live the life they are dreaming of.

Re-craft your life - Pursue a meaningful and purposeful life

Get clear about who you are and what you want from your life and career. Together we will find your purpose in life and identify what you need to improve to achieve the results you desire. We will identify your genius and growth potential, re-crafting your life according to your higher strengths.


To achieve fulfilment, we need to address some aspects of your life and career. I will use integrative and solution-focused approaches which will provide life time tools to use in any decision making and opportunities available in your way.

Blossom from within

Self-managing coaching is becoming paramount in anyone’s life in order to find balance in life. No one can teach you how to live life, but you can learn from living it in a meaningful and fulfilled way, you just need to learn how to deal with all the challenges ahead. From our coaching sessions you will learn techniques, what tools to use and be inspired to feel positively motivated to use your highest strengths to re-craft your life and be happier.


" Working with Ana was a great experience for me. Not only that she knows her skills but she knows how to give you examples and make it so much easier for you to shift your perspective. I was unclear in some business aspects and it was hard for me to move forward. Ana's high energy and knowledge helped me expand. Thank you, Ana! "
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Cornelia Constantinescu
Transformational Money Mindset Coach