My curiosity to learn about “HOW” I could improve my life, took me on a long journey. How can people be so different in terms of abundance? Why some thrive and others fail? What can we do to improve our life and look back feeling proud?

As an Entrepreneur, I have been on a lifelong journey to answer these questions. I’ve studied at University level, but something was missing. Then I understood everything.

All that I have implemented to myself, all those strategies to improve my life and businesses were easy and life changing. To learn which were my self-limiting beliefs to become abundant. Today I can say that I am being living the most abundant years of my life. I felt for many years that I was riding a roller coaster. All those adventures and the learning it is what is worth sharing.

All that learning leads me to you, to help you to optimize your potential and well being, creating a flourishing life.

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Coaching for Self-confidence and effective goals

Get confident and set goals, that you can replicate for everything you want in your personal or professional life. Easy, effective and motivational.

Coaching for living an Intentional and abundant life

Gain clarity on the life you want to live. What is your purpose and values you want to live by? It’s time for you to be the person you want to be.

Coaching for anxiety and stress reduction

No one should live in a permanent state of anxiety. Work with me to change that state and improve your life in every sense.

Feedback & Reviews

We are proud of all our clients and their commitment to making a difference in their life and career.

"Working with Ana was a great experience for me. Not only that she knows her skills but she knows how to give you examples and make it so much easier for you to shift your perspective. I was unclear in some business aspects and it was hard for me to move forward. Ana's high energy and knowledge helped me expand. Thank you, Ana! "
Cornelia Constantinescu
Transformational Money Mindset Coach
"My life has been changed since Ana has been my coach. Her style and method are very effective, helping me to refocus my energies and complete some major goals in my life. She exhibits a genuine interest in my life and her insights and direction are always on target. I feel very supported and championed in the attainment of my goals. She has been a vital resource to me."
Sarah Minor
Graphic & Web Designer, Social Media Marketing Coordinator at Sarah Minor Design
"When I met Ana, I was devastated. I lost my boyfriend, had no job, no direction in life and blamed myself for it. Our coaching started for business purposes, however, soon enough it was transformed into getting my life put together. Ana's contribution to my life at that time was a gift. My negative self-talk and guilt were transformed into positive and empowering thoughts, which took me to a new level of my life. Today I am confident and positive, I believe in myself and use my thoughts to improve my life in every area. Now I live in Moscow, have an outstanding job and I enjoy my life. Thank you, Ana, for your sincere help to make me have a new perspective in my life."
Yulia Ahmetova
HR Manager